People Helping People Grow

As a sales and marketing agency, we have been committed to building lasting relationships with our team members, clients, and customers. We believe in hiring the most skilled and hardworking individuals looking to make a mark in the industry to help our clients attain their full potential in sales success, brand recognition, and customer acquisition.

We are a people-oriented organization with unmatched expertise in face-to-face communication in the global markets. As a reliable firm that provides marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes, Meadowlark Marketing offers excellent opportunities to work with some of the most well-known brands in the industry. Our hiring policy revolves around three key traits - outstanding attitude, outstanding student mentality, and outstanding work ethic.

The Meadowlark Values

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Being on the Learning Curve

At Meadowlark Marketing, we believe hardworking managers need not tell people what to do; instead, they guide their junior associates to where they need to be. Our leaders take professional growth seriously. They acknowledge there is no perfection in any role, only consistent improvement. Our managers make time for daily learnings and progress. They also make their learning visible for others to inspire them to follow. Furthermore, our leaders treat everyone with respect and empathy, using them as building blocks to create loyalty among team members.

The wealth of experience at Meadowlark Marketing translates into powerful strategies that work wonders. It’s our people that make the difference. The personalities and camaraderie of Meadowlark’s dedicated team continue to elevate our culture and the work we deliver. We’re a force to reckon with. Our associates are full of vim and vigor and truly multi-faceted.

It is evident that when you’re a lifelong learner, your whole responsibility is to keep progressing. That’s why at Meadowlark Marketing, we instill a sense of student mentality in our associates. We like encouraging our teammates to identify learning areas. This outlook fosters a culture of continued personal development, inspires people to seek lessons in every task they’re entrusted with. This approach also pushes our team members to set the bar higher, perform to their best abilities and keep bettering themselves.

  • Leadership Training Colorado
    • Garret Fawcett

    Born in Billings, MT, and raised in Helena, MT. The military brought Garret to San Diego for his entire enlisted career. After exiting the Marine Corps in 2018, he pursued his passion in design and digital marketing, graduating with his bachelor's in 2020 from Platt College in San Diego. COVID-19 played a huge impact in the job market. Fortunately for Garret, he found Van Bernardino at Aspire Marketing. After only seven months in the business, Garret has moved his way throughout the many phases in the business and is currently the president and operator of Meadowlark Marketing recently expanded to Denver, Colorado.

    His goal for the future is to continue to seek out and develop the sharpest leaders in our industry and promote them into new markets. By supporting the needs of the largest and most influential clients in telecom, Garret knows we can expand our reach as a direct marketing force nationwide. “I’m not here to take part, I'm here to take over”- Garret

  • Marketing Firm Colorado
    • Jonathan Fox
      Account Manager

    Born in San Diego and raised in Escondido, CA. JD grew up playing sports his whole life, earning him a scholarship to play football at Grand View University where he majored in business administration and achieved his bachelor's degree. JD's biggest motivation is family because they have been there for him when he needed them most. JD is excited to prove to them he can be successful, give back to them, and give his brother someone to look up to. JD’s personal hobbies are anything outdoors and sports-related but most of all, golf. It keeps his competitive spirit alive. “Being a retired football player, I’m always down to talk sports with my colleagues”- JD

  • Sales Jobs Colorado
    • Jillian Zamora
      Human Resources

    Born in San Diego and raised in the suburbs in Poway, CA. What motivates Jillian is helping others with anything she can and getting her career started along the way. Some personal hobbies are trying out new restaurants, watching football on Sundays, but during baseball season the Padres game is most likely where you'll find Jill. She also loves enjoying good quality time with friends and family. Jillian's biggest inspiration is all around trying to help others be the best they can be and reach their full potential. At Meadowlark Marketing, she has learned all about coordinating events, sales, and direct marketing. As well as, how to coach, train, and develop others. She has found the personal and professional growth that she was looking for.